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International Project Management Certification and Membership

Project management can be defined as the application of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to achieve a predetermined objective whether as an individual, organization or a nation. It include methodologies aimed at simplifying and managing simple and complex projects, programs and objectives. Project Management has attained a global recognition placing a premium value on the knowledge and application

  • Top 5 most soughted work place skill
  • 90 percent adoption rate
  • Fourth hottest and most valuable certification worldwide
  • Top 10 high earning salary in US, UK and Europe


About Us
We are a professional body of Project Management Practitioners registered in Nigeria to promote the science and practice of project management and development in Nigeria.
Our Goal
We strive to ensure that standard project management practices and work ethics are maintained and adhered while facilitating amiable relations amongst professionals.
Membership is open to all people who accept and commit to the improvement of Project Management and development across the world.
Membership Guide
Download the membership brochure, rules and crtiteria and practitioners' routes.

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