Direct Membership Requirement

The council of the society may at its discretion elect distinguished persons to honorary membership. Such persons must have used their position to render notable assistance to the Practice of Project Management & Development.
Those who support our programs, projects & activities. They raise funds and volunteer their services on a regular basis. They provide counsel, financial and material support, volunteer their time and service for the growth and development of the society and it activities on a regular basics.
For project management organisations or projectized organisations. All corporate application must show evidence of membership of at least two (2) members of the society in top managerial positions. They would be required to maintain strict P.M.O requirements as set by governing council of the society before their membership is renewed. It attracts an annual membership fee of N500, 000 only.
Senior Management and Development Executives, Consultants,Senior Directors, Heads of Project Management Establishment, Management Consultants with over 12 years Post Qualification Experience and a Post Graduate Degree. Membership Registration fee of N150, 000 only
This is for Project Management or development practitioners with at least 8 years work experience, or a first degree with 10 years post qualification experience. Membership Registration fee of N125, 000 only
For those with 6 years in project management and development with verifiable projects completed. A first degree holder and above, with at least 8 years post qualification work experience. Membership Registration fee of N75, 000 only
For anyone who has basic knowledge in project management or just joined the project profession. First degree holders of 4 years and above with a minimum of 3 years post qualification work experience. Membership Registration fee of N35, 000 only
For graduates and youth corpers that indicate interest in pursuing a career membership in project management. They are required to register for an apprenticeship program or possess a certificate in project management. Membership Registration fee of N17, 500 only
A full time student with proof of a certificate of attendance from any project management. They must have evidence of admission and current academic level from their institutions. Membership Registration fee of N10, 000 only